Jashn-e-Junoon 2017: Touching Hearts all the Way!- A Compilation of the Street Plays

Jashn-E-Junoon: A street play event that holds a very important position in the hearts of the DU theatre teams.

On 1 Feb, 2017 the campus of the Dyal Singh Evening College witnessed a huge footfall for the 21st  Annual edition, with humble judges and energetic audience.

The first judge was Mr. Nadeem Riyaz who is an esteemed alumni of Junoon – The Dramatics Society of Dyal Singh Evening College. He has been into the field of arts from a very young age. In addition, he has been judging the Street Play event for the past 5 – 6 years and is a theatre connoisseur, well known in the Delhi university theatre circuit.

The second judge of the event was an alumni again, Mr. Rohit Gaba. He has a rich experience in theatre and arts.

The winning team got 18K as the prize money and winning certificates.

Here we present you a glimpse from the plays. Read on!

Hansraj College

The first to perform in the college crowd were the Hindi Dramatic Society of the Hansraj College. The college got a great applause for their 16 minutes street play named “Paramveer“. They presented their tribute to Indian army with a strong feeling of patriotism. Short glimpses of Yogender Singh along with four more army men were performed. They also showed the different scenario of the army men at different war scenes like the Kargil war, the Kashmir war and the Siachen war. The music was played using drums, harmonium, guitar, shaker and flute. This blend made their song “Pucha Us Fauji se“, form a connect with the Indian army. Towards the end, a marching scene with the National flag and “ 21 topo ki Salami “ made the play a real tribute.

A.R.S.D college 

After a great start to the event, came the Hindi Dramatic Society of A.R.S.D college, “Rangayan“. The play was named “Jan Gan Man”. The play started with the “Shankh” which resonated through everyone’s heart and mind. Carrying the feeling of Nationalism, the 15 mins play showed how fake patriotism comes into existence with different scenes showing poor understanding of the word “patriotism”. A unique concept of  “Samandar Manthan” was also blended with the current concept of Nationalism. Their song “Kho Gaya Uska” justified their message and received a great applause.

Keshav Mahavidhyalaya College 

After the two strong performances, at No. 3 came the Hindi Dramatic Society of Keshav Mahavidyalaya, “Shades” with their play named “Khilwad“. They took a start by a slow melody through xylophone and then in 19mins, showcased how the poor condition of sports and games prevail in the country. It was a satire on the present sports council of India. With dynamic music through drums and dholak their song “Chalne se Pehle Kyun Tham Gaya” and “Khel ko Khel samaj kar khelne aya tha” gave a sneak peek to how the sportsmen face the dirty politics.

Sri Venkateswara College



After seeing the dirty politics in sports and games, the Hindi Dramatic Society of Sri Venkateswara College – “Anubhuti” came with their 21mins winning play named “A”. The play focused on normalisation of sexuality. By showing how we grow up in a stereotypical environment, they questioned the existence of the third gender. Posters like “Gali deke Dua chahiye” conveyed the plight through which the third gender goes. The play showcased how the sexuality of a couple, a gay, a lesbian are considered indifferent in the society, and are termed as unsocial. A powerful performance in dialogue delivery by one of the protagonists stunned the audience and judges while showing a debate with Dr. Subramanium Swamy. A still was shown where a poster named “Our Culture” speaks in front of the section 377 IPC. At the end, their song “Aayo re Sakhi” and “Vasana Ki Bharti me, Bhagwan nahi baste” in the music of xylophone, dholak, tabla, made a smashing impact on the viewers.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College 

At the fifth spot, the Hindi Dramatic Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, “Natuve” came with their play named “Thoda Dard Hi Sahi”. Beginning with a nursery rhyme on xylophone, in 15 mins the play portrayed how Child Sexual abuse haunts the innocence of childhood in the society. The play was a metaphorical satire. They showed how the dish of lust is made, from spotting the child to the dirty sexual acts, all in a real happening society. All this was showcased through a tale of a child. The play got a saluting response.


After the child abuse,  the Hindi Dramatic Society of Maharaja Agarsen Institute of Technology, “Aayam” performed their play “Paper Work”. The play in a very musical manner with guitar, xylophone and mouth organ, focused on the intolerance of society. Songs like “I don’t give a f*ck!“ and various versions of “tipi-tipi-tap” engaged the audience very easily. A funny satirical scene with four representatives of different religions in a news channel marked a great applause. They showed the concept of seven folds in a paper. The play ended with the message “Religion creates Peace, not Piece”.

Vivekananda College 

After the break, the Hindi Dramatic Society of Vivekananda College, came with their 18mins play on the wastage of food. They showed how adulteration plays its evil role in the health of our society. They also showcased food insecurity.

Motilal Nehru college 

At no. 8, the Hindi Dramatic Society of Motilal Nehru College, “Aadhar” performed their play named “Khwabristan“. The play depicted how our dreams, aspirations and ambitions get buried in the land of fear. They showed a story of a boy named “Samarth” and the dilemmas he goes through, like getting out of the comfort zone, priorities, lack of time, expectations, failure. Their song “Albela Saiyan” questioned all these points. The play also gave a choice to “Forget everything and Run” or to “Forget everything and Rise”.



With a sensitive topic, the Hindi Dramatic Society of Maharaja Agrasen college, “Abhinya” performed their play named “Rastravadh”. The play began with a strong aggression and hardcore feeling of patriotism. The play compared two-time intervals, one was the “Treta Yug” and the other one was the present “Kalyug”. The play also showcased some Kashmir incidents and how people suffer there. All performers did justice to their aggressive acts. The play ended up by the message “Humanity is Nationalism”.

I.P. College 


With co-ed colleges performing one by one, then came at no. 10 the Hindi Dramatic Society of Indraprastha College for Women, “Abhivyakti” with their play “Kuch Bhi”. In 19 mins they performed on their theme “Vigilantism: Law in Hand for Justice”. Their songs “Hand me danda de” and “Saiyan ban gaya Hero” were enjoyed a lot by the people in attendance. With strong acting, the girls showed their rich talent.


Followed by I.P college, at no. 11 came the Hindi Dramatic Society of the Institute of Home Economics college, “Navrang” with their play named “DharamYudh”. The play had a theme of “Hinsa” (voilence). They showed the reasons to why violence takes place, some were Power, Lust and Revenge. They made the audience remember the teachings of Lord Krishna and at the same time questioned his teachings in the modern era. They discussed some reasons of Sino-Indian war and Indo-Pak war. They also showed an incident of Mahabharat named the “Drapati Haran”. With their songs “Maula Mujhse Kyun hua Khafa” in the music light of matki, drums, pune-trumpet and shank made a magnificent ending.

The level of acting talent and uniqueness was so high in these girls that the Judges and the audience gave them a special appreciation and a standing ovation.


After the thrilling act by I.H.C girls, the Hindi Dramatic Society of College of Vocational Studies, “Dramanomics” carried the same spirit in their play named “Reserve Speaking”. The society is well known for its music and songs, and they justified it with soothing melodies through flute and dafli. The play showcased the journey of reservation in a comic manner. They discussed the article 16A, adding to the knowledge of the audience. At the end they gave the message to be “Shashak and Samarthya”.


Last but not the least, came the Hindi Dramatic Society of Kamala Nehru College, “Laksh” with their play named “Badhazmi”. They showcased how women are treated in the society we live in, at homes, at police station after been victimized. They also showed funny advertisement as satire.

At the end the host “Junoon” itself performed their play named “Jokistan”. It was the most funniest act of the evening, which was also a non-competitive performance.

Words from the organizers:

The event could not have been a success without all the different colleges showing such team spirit. Team Junoon is truly grateful to each team that helped put up such a great show.

Congratulations to the winning teams,

1. Anubhuti– The Hindi Dramatics Society of Sri Venkateshwara College

2. Abhinay– Maharaja Agrasen College and Navrang– Institute Of Home Economics

3. Aayam– Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology and Natuve – Shaheed Bhagat Singh College(M)

Best Actor– Ankit Mathur (College of Vocational Studies)

Best Actress–  Bipasha Talukdar (Kamala Nehru College)

We would also thank our sponsors for the event- Theatreleela, EVM , Iris photography, Artist Address, PDT, DU updates and The Education Tree.

Aaplog aaye, Jashn badhiya raha! Milte hai agle saal!

You can see the photo album here: goo.gl/7lnQQn

Event Coverage by Kuldeep Panwar

Photographs by Bhuvan Chopra & Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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