On some nights, I crave!

On some nights I crave
For my sister’s motherly love
The love that heals
That knows how to deal
With the anxiety of being
The love that has the power
To make scars feel like tattoos.

On some nights I crave
For her lap, on which I keep my mind
And not my jet black hairy head
Her lap, makes me feel safe
Away from nightmares and horror
The way she brushes my hair
Allows me to find peace in
The pace of my breath

On some nights I crave
For the silence I feel within
When she keeps her hand on my head
On some nights I crave
I crave for the
Magic, strength and solace
I only find in her.

– Kitlu Pie
This is for my sister who stays in a country that’s approximately 1135kms away. But, never has she let the distance make a difference. I need her. I love her. I am hers.

Devyani Srivastava

Blogger, Social Media Consultant, Debater, Musician, Sketch Artist.. and wait, the list is long. She is truly an artist. Also, she is the Art Curator at Artist Address.

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