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Social media these days has a great impact on the minds of the public. Whether it is about reading a news item or following the entertainment buzz, social media brings it all handy for you. There is no confusion over the fact that social media is used by many artists globally, to bring their art form to the millions of users. Doing this presents them both with fame and a flourishing business opportunity. It all starts with making one’s profiles and pages on the leading and bustling social media channels best for art, namely, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, Google+, and the list is endless. But, you need to decide, which platform suits the best to showcase your artform.

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In many instances, the artists create their presence on multiple platforms, which is good enough as well. To get a given content maximum audience, it is a wonderful idea to share it on multiple platforms and the super thing is that it is not difficult, but very easy. On a single tap or click, the same content can be shared on various social media platforms. All you need to do is be open in your exploration, and keep trying new features of these platforms, follow other artists, and see how you can present your art in a creative manner.

The best part about social media is that it is never too late to start your idea. If you believe in something and think it could connect with people too, then club social media to your art. Many successful artists had just used the social platforms to experiment the response of their users, and now, they have turned their work into brands. How interesting is it, to take on your art to the world?

Here we share some very simple steps to build your art empire on social media!

  • Select Appropriate Social Media Platform for your Art
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You could select from the wide list of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. There could be multiple platforms too depending on your interests. For instance, blogging is good for sharing long articles (if you are a budding writer or art blogger), Pinterest and Instagram are best for sharing photographs of your artworks or simply theme based photographs, etc.

  • Make a Marketing Strategy/Plan
Marketing Strategy
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Understand how many times shall you post your works on your platform in a month. Work for the same! You can think of giving entrancing and short captions to your works, and be yourself completely! The posts could be creative, engaging or having an element of fun, emotions, etc. You could start with having giveaways, competitions, etc. as well. Just remember, that you have to be professional as well to carry business. Stand to your words. As a part of the marketing strategy create a logo too, and stick to it. (give thought before making a logo, so that it connects to your area of interest/brand.)

  • Follow Pages and Profiles That Interest you!

Following other artists on social media helps you discover marketing techniques, which you could use for your page in order to promote it and escalate the business inflow. You could moreover do collaborations with different brands, artists which could help both you and the other party involved.

  •  Interact with Your Followers

Responding your followers is always a positive step towards generating a warm professional relationship. Social media helps you showcase your works to people across the globe, and create connections. Create goodwill for your words and healthy professional relationship along the way! If you will respond to your followers well, by replying to their messages, they would always be there to give their honest views about your art.

Social media is used, as a tool to make one’s presence global. Artists get to travel across the world, by making connections with the audiences—and with the collaborations explore their art forms to another level. There are many campaigns on the ground level, which the artists can be a part of and learn from! So, share your artworks and enhance their reach through social media.

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Written by, Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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