Tête-à-Tête with Celebrity Anchor Sonam C Chhabra : A Glimpse in The Life of An Artist

When people look at an Anchor/Emcee, all decked up to host a show, be it a corporate launch or a wedding glitz; one might exclaim, “what a glamorous life this artist enjoys!” While the glamour comes handy, there are more aspects to an artist’s life which we felt should be talked about.

Recently, our team got the opportunity to chat up with the leading Celebrity Talk Show Host and Anchor Sonam C Chhabra. We caught her in action delivering her Ted Talk at the TedxSSCBS event. Having done over 1,000 + live shows in a career spanning over a decade, she has truly been a motivation for many young girls across the country. She is the recipient of the EEMA Best Anchor India Award, Delhi Rattan Award and Youth Icon Award. 

Here, we share an excerpt from our conversation with Sonam.

Sonam C Chhabra
Sonam C Chhabra giving her TEDxTalk

You just finished delivering a TED Talk! Tell us more about your experience, and your topic?

Well, inspiring young minds is what I have always wanted to do. The topic I chose for my talk “Beyond Just Looks” was my endeavour to send out a strong message that people should not be judged on the basis of how they look and what they wear. It is very easy to tag a woman as a pretty young thing. “We should look beyond what meets the eye, and value a woman’s talent and potential more than the way she looks or dresses up” Sonam said.

How do you feel when you are on stage?

Every time I’m on stage I realise how Alice must have felt in Wonderland. Stage has helped me discover and rediscover myself time and again. Stage has given me a voice, a medium of expression.

How have the Events & Live Industry Progressed over the Years?

The live shows industry has evolved dynamically over the years. When I started a decade back, artists weren’t given as much recognition as they are given today. Today anchors and other artists from the Entertainment industry receive a lot of recognition and respect for their work. Also, the evolution of Events and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) has made us stronger as a fraternity. We support one another in tough times and celebrate our achievements together. That is very special.

Sonam C Chhabra

What does success mean to you?

Whenever someone says, your work inspired me or motivated me to become an anchor or chase my dreams, that is success for me! I want to inspire young minds to fearlessly follow their dreams.

What is the Role of Social Media in present Times?

Social Media is a great platform to network with people across the globe. It has opened up an array of opportunities for artists to connect globally with audiences. But social media has a darker side as well, and I feel we should all stand up against cyber-bullying and shaming. While there are many positives of the reach of social media, we should be aware of its grey areas and make our choices accordingly.

Sonam C Chhabra in conversation with Team Artist Address

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