The Team

Gagandeep Singh Vaid
A writer of his wonderland, it is his belief that he can work towards the development of society in the way he dreams. Gagandeep has been associated with NGO’s and writing portals. Before starting on his venture with Artist Address, he had been running the blog by the name Artist Address for the last 6 years. You can read his stories here:

Devyani Srivastava
Art Curator and Explorer
Devyani is a multi-talented person, having great love and passion for music, painting, debating, writing and lots more. She has been successfully running her blog called Green Hugs and has always been a guiding light for people associated with Artist Address. Having acquired great management skills, she is currently working as a Social Media Consultant in one of the leading media houses in the country! Her paintings and written works can be found at the AA Presentations!

Ritika Sarraf
Creative Person
A Mathematics Genius, Ritika is a graduate from Delhi’s Hansraj College and is also known for her talent in making paintings, sketches and greeting cards. Ritika has been a constant support behind the existence of this initiative and been responsible for some creative event covers done by Artist Address in the past!