Launched as a blog initially, Artist Address has always had its roots fixed in the societal framework! That is to see a society well equipped, managed and organised be it through the administrative, or human notions and ideals. Art has been used as a medium to bring the much talked-about development scenario.

The team is dedicated to helping the civic bodies to strengthen the system- by bringing on the surface the difficulties which otherwise would have remained unmarked, uncared and unnoticed in the society!

At Artist Address, journalism becomes the driving force behind the changes that we look at! We have an optimistic foresight and are thus ready to face the challenges along the way!

Using art as a medium to enhance the situation of the society, we are active in the given domains:

1. AA Presentations – BE YOU

Artists are given a chance to express the best of themselves, through their forms of art and culture. They are free to share their artworks which may include anything that they think is art. This freedom is also a reflection of love and regard for free-thinking and creative expression. The AA Presentations aim at giving the best platform to the artists to share their works with like-minded people who follow our social media platforms earnestly! “Motivation and inspiration can do wonders”, we believe in just that!

2. AA Initiatives – LEAD the CHANGE

The core aim of this organisation is to see a better world, which starts with a better society around us. Different means (plans, ideas, opinions, strategies) that can contribute to the welfare of the society shall be worked upon in the coming years. This shall be possible by taking the best advice (ideas-sharing) by people from different social realms/positions and by collaborating with like-minded organisations that lead the social change. Right now, we are starting from Delhi/NCR.

3. AA Inspire Generation – PERFORMANCE ORIENTED

You can share your art, not just as a post on our social media but in terms of working on individual #orders or #commission work! Here, artists can find work from the interested clients and connoisseurs of art and craft. Also, we are on a path to break the stereotype that art isn’t a good career option! At Artist Address, we are dedicated to celebrate art in its respected form.

To work with us, send your profile to

You can have interest in any art form (eg: singing, writing, painting, photography, videography, creative designing, theatre, social media marketing, website development, social work, networking, event management, etc.)

Always in the spirit of keeping the love for art and expression alive 😀