Did you know, what is art?

A question you might have come across in your lives, and it goes like “what do we mean by art?” Do you have any answer to this question? You must have not just one but many answers to it. Or if we see on a bigger scale, people would give different definitions for “what is art?” every other time they are asked this question! Let’s ponder over, what could be the reason behind this- that we have no technical or framed definition of art?

Artwork by, Francesco Forvilla collected from the Instagram page of Artist Address

If you ask me, I would say- “art is everything.” All the actions that human beings perform, to the colour of trees, the fruits- it is an art of the Creator! Here one could say, that the germination of seeds, the birth of a child, the colour of the leaves- it is linked with science. Well, you could be right here- but again I say, that my interpretation is different from yours at this point.

what is art
Thoughts by Aishwarya Rudrappa collected from the Instagram Page of Artist Address

Our interpretations define our personalities and our way of seeing the world reflects in our actions. Similarly, the definition of “what is art”, given by one person, could vary from the one given by the other person. Our interpretations moreover are based on our upbringing, whether it is about the place we live in, the realities we have seen, or simply the life we have lived. All these parameters define our interpretations, ideologies, confidence, happiness, sadness and the state of mind.

what is art
Picture by Hemant Chhabra, collected from the Instagram Page of Artist Address

Things are inter-related, they have no hard rules set by the world. The only rule that I get to understand here about art is- the rule of life. We have to live a natural life and not an artificial life. We have to get adequate sleep in our daily life-cycle, eat nutritious food and exercise to stay fit. That comes to maintaining an active lifestyle. Now, scheduling your days yourself- planning how to go about doing things- all makes you an artist. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are preparing things for yourself- and those are the artworks which shape your life.

what is art
Picture by Sushmita Masurkar, collected from the Instagram Page of Artist Address

Now, the next time anyone asks you- “what is art?”, you could give your definition of it- but give a thought to our idea too, that art isn’t just about painting a story on a canvas, it could be writing your own story, your every action performed in the day. So, be proud of yourself- and greet yourself, because you have met a real artist in yourself. ┬áNow, you know “what is art?”, it is you!

Lead happy lives, by bringing smiles to the faces of people who pass by you- and never forget the value of goodness your dear ones bestow upon your life. You could achieve all what you had dreamt, but never forget the little steps you took- to make your journey worth it, and magnificent. Appreciate the artist in you-and the people who helped you through the times, when you were writing your story. And what you are living today, is an answer to the question, “what is art?”

Welcome aboard, artist!

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Written by, Gagandeep Singh Vaid
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